Best Pickup Lines for Men

100+ Best & Cheesy Pickup Lines for Men to Impress Women

One of the toughest things to do is shoot perfect pick up lines over those that are cliche. There is a thin line of difference among them but the best pickup lines for men are the ones that are smooth and directly hits the mark. So, we called out all our female colleagues and did an experiment, hitting them with the perfect, smooth, and hilarious pickup lines; Surprisingly, we did get a good number and in this article, we list them all.

Best Pickup Lines to try on your Crush

If you have skipped a heartbeat looking at her you will fumble to speak before. However, with the right amount of confidence and a perfect pick up line, there is always a good chance to square off a date with your crush. But which pick up lines do work for men when they are around their crush? It’s difficult to choose a single one; So, here is an entire list of best pick up lines to try on your crush. Go, get her.

Pickup lines for men to impress fiancé
  1. I believe in following my dreams, Can I have your Snapchat?
  2. I love swimming and your eyes are like Ocean, I can swim here all day.
  3. Do you have a first aid? I actually fell hard for you.
  4. What do you do for a living? Besides, taking my breath away?
  5. Is the climate hot now, or its just you making it one.
  6. Do you have Google Maps? I am just lost looking at you.
  7. Hey, I actually forgot my phone number; Can I get yours instead?
  8. Are you a keyboard? Because I am coder and you are just my “Type.”
  9. I love to paint, and I want to add colours to my future with you.
  10. Did you take the vaccination shot? I am feeling sick in love around you.
  11. Which sweetener do you prefer? Sugar, Jaggery, Honey or “Dates” with me?
  12. I am doing a part time job stalking you; So, I wondering we could discuss about incentives on the next table with a cup of coffee?
  13. Can you give me your hostpot password? I want to get connected to you, now and forever.
  14. Do you believe in love at first text? or should I keep texting you?
  15. Your hotspot is really strong, I never felt so connected with anyone before.
  16. Can you share this music file with me on Bluetooth? I want to get paired with you for lifetime.
  17. I was looking for something cute at the store, but could not find anything better than you.
  18. Are you a Parachutist? I need a parachute as I am falling for you.
  19. Can you just say “Okay, let’s go on a date” to these butterflies? I get them whenever I see you.
  20. I think you are a criminal, because you are killing me all the time with your looks.

Best and Cheesy Pickup Lines for Flirting

Flirting is not just any other art; You shoot a cliche pick up line and you lose it all. Here, you will find some of the best and cheesy pickup lines for men that are perfect for flirting over text or in person. Be it club, dancing, over a party, on a ride, or anywhere in the world; Don’t leave a moment to outshine your flirt. Not to mention, here is our list.

pickup lines for men
  1. If you were a fruit, you would be a “Fine apple.”
  2. I never believed in love at first sight, Until, my eyes were awestruck at your smile.
  3. Could you please stop thinking about me? See, you are doing it again, right now.
  4. Do you want Netflix or we could just chill in my bed?
  5. Do you Podcast? Because I want to listen your voice in a loop.
  6. I was about to compliment you, but then I realized that I don’t have your number.
  7. Are you good at math? Because I don’t want to find my “X” but want to go on a real rollercoaster sine wave ride on you.
  8. You know I am terrible at flirting, Can you teach me instead?
  9. I am a teetotaller, but whenever I see you I just get intoxicated.
  10. I hope you know CRP, because you just took my breath away.
  11. Who gave you the license? You are driving me crazy.
  12. I am calling the cops; My heart is stolen and I think it’s with you.
  13. Let’s flip a coin; If it’s head then I am yours and if it is tails then you are mine.
  14. If you were a triangle then I think you would be an a”cute” one.

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Some More Pickup Lines to Start a Conversation

Pick up lines are excellent conversation starters and this could be a great way to make a first impression. Well, there are uncountable conversation starters but if you want to be a little flirty, here are our picks on the best pick up lines for men as a conversation starter.

Pickup lines for men
  1. Are you french? Because Eiffel for you.
  2. Are you a camera? Because each time I look at you, I end up smiling.
  3. Do you think fairy tales exist? Because with you I am imagining one.
  4. I think you work for Oxford dictionary, Because you keep adding meaning to my life.
  5. If eyes could kill, then yours must be the reason for mass destruction.
  6. Did you pay your rent? You have been staying long enough in my head.
  7. What’s your surname? I was wondering will it go well with mine.
  8. Did you take a a bank loan? Because you got my interest.
  9. Do you like cakes? I think yes, you are a total cutie pie.
  10. Do you know magic? As soon as I look at you, everything else disappears.
  11. I am not an astrologer, but my intution says you are my future.
  12. I am blind by your looks, I need your surname for lifetime insurance.
  13. Do you have a watch? I want to see how much time will it take for you to fall in love with me.
  14. Somebody better call god, he is missing an angel.

Use Pickup Lines For Men to Impress your Girlfriend

If you are newly into the relationship and wondering how to blossom the love between you and your partner, then use these pick up lines and impress her.

Impress women with pickup lines for men
  1. No wonder sky is grey, all the blues are in your eyes.
  2. I am not genie, but I can make your wishes come true.
  3. I do not need Instagram, I am already following you.
  4. Your hands look empty, let me hold them forever.
  5. Can we click a selfie together? I want to show my friends the most beautiful women I ever met.
  6. You make my life easier with your charming smiles.
  7. Did you hear something beating up? Its my heart beating for you.
  8. When I am around you I can’t think straight.
  9. Like candy canes and christmas; You and I are like mint for each other.
  10. I will never play hide and seek with you, because someone like you is very difficult to find.
  11. Even if there was no gravity on earth, I would still have fallen for you.
  12. You are the solution to all my equations.
  13. I want our love to be like pie, irrational and never ending.
  14. Could you please step away from the bar? You are melting all the ice.

Best Pickup Lines for Men to Impress Fiance

Courtship is a beautiful period; here, the romance blossoms between the couple. The days of your courtship are worth remembering. Make it more romantic with these pick-up lines.

Cheesy lines for men
  1. You are like best coffee; with your smell my mood lighten ups.
  2. I think the gap between my fingers are meant for you.
  3. When I wake up in the morning, you are the first thing I want to see.
  4. Lend me your heart; I promise to take care of it for lifetime.
  5. Kindly, grant me the honour to walk with you hand in hand.
  6. My heart forgets to beat the moment my eyes meet yours.
  7. I asked god for a sign and he blessed me with a beautiful miracle.
  8. I dont know what I wanted in a man, Untill I met you.
  9. With you beside me, I am assured my future is bright.
  10. I am not a hoarder but I want to keep you forever.
  11. You are like a fine wine to me; the more I know you the better I feel.
  12. The only way to keep me happy is by agreeing to be mine forever.
  13. Its not my fault I fell in love with you; You tripped me.
  14. Each day I want to spend by gazing into your beautiful eyes.
  15. Walk down the asile with me, and I promise to make your life beautiful.
  16. If you wake up in a room with no doors and windows; don’t worry, you are just in my heart.

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Catchy Pickup Lines to Use on Your Wife | Best Pickup Lines for Men

To make your romance stay for a longer time, lift your partner’s mood by frequently reminding them of your love. Choose the best pick up lines for men to impress their lady luck from the list below, and cherish your romance.

Impress wife best pickuo lines
  1. I dont want to blink, because I don’t want to miss even a second of your cuteness.
  2. You are my volcano because I lava you.
  3. I was about to say “God Bless Me” but I think he already did it.
  4. I am learning about important dates in history and our wedding day is my favourite.
  5. Hey, come with me; I just want to show this rose, how incredibly handsome you are.
  6. Why will I look at the stars? When I can look into your eyes.
  7. Every time you walk near me, my heart recognizes you.
  8. Thank you for sparkling up the fire of passion in me; I am shining for you.
  9. I am afraid, our love affair will jealous the angels in heaven.
  10. Forget about Superman, Spiderman, and Batman; I will forever be your man.
  11. I am pretty sure, our children will thank me for choosing you as their father.
  12. Hi dear, I think the book of Romans is incomplete without our romance.
  13. With you in my life, I am heading towards heaven.
  14. You are the reason behind all my achievements because you are my winning spirit.

Final Words | Best Pickup Lines for Men to Impress Women

To impress your crush is the toughest thing to do after trying to make up to your wife and finance; If you are looking for those cute moments in between, here are some of the best pickup lines for men to impress your women. Likewise, you can even get them personalised and engraved on gifts like AirPods, iPad, and many more. Tell us which is your favourite and cheesiest pickup line? Let us know in the comment section.

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