Best beaches in goa for night life

12 Best Beaches in Goa for Nightlife

Goa is famous for its beautiful beaches and water sports, but it is also renowned for its nightlife activities among national and international tourists. It has terrific nightclubs that offer the best trance, techno, hip-hop, house party and many other kinds of music for its party-goers. The beaches in Goa provide the best drinks, music, and mouth-watering food for those who want to party all night. The clubs, pubs, discos, and shacks are active and lively at night and play the best beats for you to party till the sun rises.

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12 Beaches in Goa to Enjoy Nightlife

There are amazing beaches in Goa to enjoy their scenic view and serene atmosphere, and these beaches make an amazing backdrop for party lovers. Many parties are organized on these beaches at night, and they provide the best music, good food, and drinks for you to enjoy throughout the night. Even the marketplaces are open at night for you to shop for the best local products, apparel, jewellery, and many more.

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Here is the list of the 12 best beaches in Goa to enjoy nightlife:

1. Arambol Beach

  • Location: North Goa
  • Speciality: It has the best nearby clubs and restaurants.
  • Activities to do: Take long walks at the seashores, shop from the nearby markets, and indulge in the best water sports activities.

Arambol beach has amazing bars and pubs nearby, making it a perfect place for you to enjoy the nightlife. It is well known for its shacks that provide good music, food, and drinks; you can also see people sitting at the beach, letting bonfire, enjoying their drinks, and dancing to the beats of music.

If you wish to dance throughout the night, you can barge in “Ash Arambol” it is a perfect spot for you to break the dance floor with its amazing trance music and beats. On Saturdays, shop the locally made items from the local markets, and take home the best memories of this place.

2. Morjim Beach

  • Location: Pernem, North Goa
  • Speciality: A breeding place of “Olive Ridley sea turtles.”
  • Activities to do: Witness the best view of the beach, enjoy bird watching, indulge in water activities, and have a fun time with family.

Morjim was less popular in the 2000s, but now it is known for its “Olive ridley turtles” found on the shores of the beach. When we talk about nightlife, the best time to visit Morjim beach is between November to February, as you will have a good party experience on the beach.

The shacks will open for beach parties and offer you the best drinks and delicious food throughout the night. Enjoy around this beach and have a great nightlife experience.

3. Vagator Beach

  • Location: Bardez, North Goa
  • Speciality: It is the best private beach in Goa.
  • Activities: Relax at the beachside, stroll and rave, and visit the best nearby tourist points.

You will find the best iconic bars and nightclubs on Vagator beach, enjoy the alcoholic beverages, and dance on the beats of live music till the dawn. Ensure to visit this beach on weekends, as the parties held on these days are worth watching.

Chronicle is one of the best hot clubs on this beach for those who love trance, techno, and deep house, and it also has an open-air dance floor and a private beach to enjoy your night till the sunrise.

There are also a few other clubs like Hilltop Goa, 9 Bar, Larive, The Mango tree, and Don Rob’s bar that offers good music, alcohol, and food for you to have a chilling party till dawn.

4. Anjuna Beach

  • Location: Bardez, North Goa
  • Speciality: You can see many rock formations on this beach
  • Activities to do: On Wednesdays, witness the best market and shop goan apparells, funky jewellery pieces, and many more.

Another popular nightlife beach in Goa is Anjuna Beach, as this beach is the most happening and commercial in Goa with trendy bars and shacks at the seashores. Curlies and Shiv valley are the important destinations at this beach for the party animals because of their techno, trance, and house party music.

Both the clubs offer trans music on Tuesdays, while the techno is reserved for Mondays. You can also visit other music hot spots at Anjuna Beach like; Dali Bar, Hopping Bar, and Captian Bar to spend your night, and if you want to enjoy the old music on the chilling winter nights, then you can visit Guru Bar at Anjuna beach, for its best retro, fusion, and Rock-n-Roll music.

Don’t miss visiting any of these places for experiencing the best music night.

5. Baga Beach

  • Location: Bardez, North Goa
  • Speciality: Best seafood, good music and crowd to enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Activities: Have authentic seafood and local drinks, enjoy music and party.

Baga beach is one of the most popular beaches for nightlife in Goa, it is filled with tourists throughout the year, and this beach has everything that the party animal might ask for. The beach is full of shacks that offer amazing food, drinks, and music to party all night. If you are in a mood to listen and enjoy good music, then Tito’s Bar and Club and Cafe Mambos are the best options for you to enjoy your nightlife at.

Capetown Cafe is one of the best places to enjoy dinner and drinks with your loved ones, and If you want to experience the best live music, then head to Anthony’s shacks, you can even enjoy Karaoke nights on Tuesdays at this place. Britto’s is one of the best friendly places to visit with family for enjoying live music and drinks, take your family there and experience the best night. Among the most popular places on this beach, you will find Calva Bar, which has a lush garden and courtyard bar filled with an older crowd, with chilling drinks on their hand and feet on the dance floor while enjoying the live music. Most of the nights at this place are chilling and entertaining.

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6. Calangute Beach

  • Location: Bardez, North Goa
  • Speciality: It has the best water sports activities, nearby restaurants and shopping areas.
  • Activities to do: Have authentic seafood and other cuisines, do shopping, and indulge in water sports activities.

Calangute beach captivates attention from nature lovers, adventure daredevils to party freaks. The nightlife at this beach is amazing, as the shores of the beach are lined up with the best nightclubs like; Tio Tilly’s Bar and Kitchen, Revolution Pub, Club Antoos, Cantare, and many more. The beach also has amazing shacks that offer good food, drinks, and music to enjoy your nighttime.

The night is chilled and filled with rocking music like trans, techno, hip-hop, retro, and house party to entertain its audience at the beach. The Red Lion Club, Tio Tilly’s Bar and Kitchen, Carvalho’s, and Sportsman bar serve the amazing Goan cuisine, start their parties late in the evening, and end it when the sun rises. Therefore, this is the perfect beach in Goa for you to enjoy and experience the best nightlife.

7. Candolim Beach

  • Location: Bardez, North Goa
  • Speciality: This beach has scrub-covered dunes all over.
  • Activities to do: Have fun at the beach with local food and street shopping and indulge in water activities.

One of Goa’s crowded and best beaches for nightlife is Candolim beach; the crowd here is always excited to party all night. Candolim beach is always buzzed with people, and if you visit this place at the weekend, you will surely not leave this place until 3 am. This beach is home to several nightclubs like; SinQ, Love Passion Karma, Pharos, Drift Bar, and Showbar Exchange, where you can party all night and have the best nightlife experience.

The best shack at Candolim is Calamari; it is one of the oldest shacks and is recommended by local people for its amazing seafood, dance, commercial music, and the best cocktails. The party at this place begins late at night and goes till the wee hours of the morning. Ensure to book one of your nights at this place and enjoy the best nightlife.

8. Sinquerim Beach

  • Location: Bardez, North Goa
  • Speciality: Water sports and expanse of golden sand at the beach
  • Activities to do: Relax and enjoy the serene beauty, gulp local juices and enjoy water sports.

Sinquerim beach is popular among tourists and has the best nightclubs in Goa. The SinQ nightclub is one of the popular nightclubs near this beach and has spacious interiors and a poolside area where people can have a great party. On Fridays, SinQ nightclub plays the best tunes of Bollywood, and the crowd enjoys dancing to the tunes till dawn.

Sinquerim beach also has the best shacks where you will get amazing seafood, drinks, and music to enjoy your lovely night. The shacks here offer amazing cocktails to pamper your taste buds and cherish your night forever.

9. Majorda Beach

  • Location: South Goa
  • Speciality: It is the best place for foodies
  • Activities to do: Grab the best bakery and seafood, enjoy the serene view and participate in water sports.

Majorda beach is situated in South Goa. Most of the shacks and restaurants here are owned by Russians. These people have an electrifying vibe that fills your souls with fun and excitement, as they encourage you to party all night and experience the best night. This beach gives you the best trance music to enjoy all night and have fun; you can have drinks, good food, and dance all night, while the best music is playing in the backdrop.

You can also visit amazing nightclubs and restaurants like; Sunken Bar, Poolside Bar, Boat Quay Grill, Miranda, Blue Whales, Aquamarine, and many more, and celebrate the best nightlife here.

10. Colva Beach

  • Location: Salcete, South Goa
  • Speciality: Amazing nearby beaches, local food stalls, and the best crowd
  • Activities to do: Have delicious food at local seafood stalls, participate in water spot activities, and have a fun time with your family.

Colva beach is one of the best crowded and nightlife places for party lovers in South Goa; many nightclubs and restaurants on this beach operates throughout the night. If you are a foodie and want to munch something interesting late at night, then Colva Beach is the best place for you. It also has the best ambience, savouring cocktails, and terrific music, which keeps you awake all night.

The beachside is filled with beautiful shacks during the tourist season, and they offer amazing food, drinks, and music for you to party all night. Explore the best nightclubs like; Club Sunshine, 49ers Restaurant and Pub, Club Margherita, Bloomberg Bar, and many more at Colva beach and enjoy one of your best nights.

11. Cavelossim Beach

  • Location: South Goa
  • Speciality: Best black lava rocks
  • Activities to do: Enjoy the view of black lava rocks, take long walks, relax or indulge in water sports.

Cavelossim beach has a lovely ambience with white paddy fields at the backdrop, though the beach is calm. Still, as the sky gets darker, the markets and shacks get active, lively, and bustled up with Indian and international tourists. There are many shopping markets and shacks lined up at the beach, where you can spend your perfect colourful nightlife. There are also many pubs, casinos, lounges, and discos to keep you entertained throughout the night.

Popular nightclubs like; Liquid Lounge, Acqua Swings, Holiday inn, Jazz inn, Tito’s, and Mike’s place; offer amazing party time with great music for party hoppers and keep them engaged with their lip-smacking food till the sun rises. Enjoy the electrifying Dj at the Tito’s and create beautiful nightlife memories with your loved ones. If you want to listen to live music, then hop to Jazz inn, where music artists will entertain you with their live performances. Spend the best night at Cavelossim beach with good music, food, and drinks.

12. Palolem Beach

  • Location: Canacona, South Goa
  • Speciality: Silent night discos
  • Activities to do: Relax your nerves, do yoga and meditation, spot dolphins and indulge in many watersports activities.

Besides being the cleanest beaches in Goa, Palolem beach is famous for its vibrant clubs, silent noise parties, and the best nightlife. It is popular among couples who enjoy the disco till late at night. The beach also has luxurious shacks that offer you almost all the amenities and keep you entertained throughout the night. Every Saturday’s silent noise parties are conducted, where you are required to put on headphones, select the genre, and dance all night; this is a unique kind of music party and one of the best night parties to experience at least once in life.

The Leopard Valley nightclub is a must-visit place if you love trance music, as his club gets a mad party crowd because of its entertaining and accompanying costume-clad dancers; who dance with you all night. Sundowners is also one of the amazing bars; where you can start your drink early and enjoy the gorgeous sunset views. If you are in South Goa, visit Palolem beach and experience the wonderful nightlife.

Final Words

Goa is famous for its beaches, watersport activities, amazing viewpoints, and the best nightlife. Many people crave to enjoy and visit the best beaches to enjoy the nightlife in Goa and make lifetime memories. The beaches in Goa are active, more lively, and entertaining once the sun sets down, there are man clubs and pubs that organize the best night parties for its party-goers with the best music, drinks, and lip-smacking food. Enjoy your best nightlife at these beaches, and have an amazing time till the sun goes up.

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