Fat Burning Exercises for Women

10 Fat Burning Exercises at Home

If you are looking for some fat-burning exercises that you can do at home, here is our list to keep you fit and in shape. The ultimate goal of these fat-burning exercises is to keep you fit; your body’s fat can cause many diseases.

CDC lists out diseases caused due to fat or obesity; these include Type 2-Diabetes, Low LDL Cholesterol, High CDL Cholesterol, Stroke, Coronary heart disease, Hypertension, and the list grows.

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A Curated List of Fat Burning Exercises at Home

1. Burpees

Burpees are the workout you can use for all-around fitness, not just body fat. It also helps you in cardiovascular fitness and keeps your stamina tight. You can start by doing as many reps as possible and slowly increasing the pace. Challenge your speed each time but never go out of form.

2. Alternating Jumping Lunges

Alternating Jumping Lunges is not only suitable for fat burning, but it also strengthens muscles and the lower part of your body, mainly the abdominal and obliques.

First, keep your right foot at 90 degrees and bend your left knee to almost touching the floor; keep your chest out (important). Now, jump in the air and switch your legs’ positions such that your left foot is at 90 degrees and your right knees are almost touching the floor. The switch is to be done mid-air while you jump. This is also exciting, and you may fall a lot in the beginning.

3. High Knees

This exercise focuses on the core of your body, the stomach. You may find this exercise a bit difficult, but it also works great. It helps you burn body fat and also strengthens the core muscles.

Keep your body straight in the standing position and keep your hands at your waist level, such that the palms are facing to your toes, and your arms make a 90 degree to your body. Now, jog at the spot such that the knees touch your palms. Start with 10-15 reps and slowly increase the pace.

Mind you, it isn’t easy to keep up with this exercise, but it works great for a fit and fat-free body.

4. Mountain Climbers

As challenging as climbing a mountain but only without any equipment or moving out of your home, mountain climbers help you build the core of your body and burn fat.

Keep yourself in a push-up position such that you are pushing against the ground. Now, bring your right foot forward and then take it back. Repeat the same with the left leg and repeat the whole exercise for as many reps as possible. But before you give up, make sure you have to sweat out. If you are doing fat-burning exercises and don’t sweat, you aren’t doing it enough.

5. Jumping Squats

Jumping squat is a tough exercise that will give you sweet pain for days; It is a combination of squats and Jumping Lunges that reduces fat and improves cardio.

Start with a squat and bend your knees with your hand straight out or behind your ears. While you are in the squat position, make a high jump and then get back to the same position. Repeat as many times as possible and slowly increase the pace. Form and consistency are important to doing the Jumping squats.

6. Jumping Jacks

Though old school but this exercise is the best fit for burning fat and improving your cardio rate. Add this to your routine and use it as a warm-up and then the closing exercise. You can feel this exercise raging in your whole body. It is one of the best fat-burning exercises you can do at home because it shakes your lymphatic body section.

Stand straight with your legs a bit apart and hands straight, such that the tips of your hand point to your toes. Now, jump in a way that your legs are now closed, and your hands are straight and above your head.

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7. Decline Press Up Jack

Decline Press Up jacks help you burn fat from the chest, shoulders, and arms. It also helps in muscle shaping and building to get into a better shape and have a strong body.

Place a box or something stiff that gives you strong support and is also not much elevated. Be in a push-up position with your legs on the box and arms against the floor. Now, start pressing against the floor just like you would do with a push-up. Repeat it with as many reps as possible but slowly increase the reps and pace while doing it every day.

8. Side Box Jumps

This exercise and the squats help you burn fat from your booty and strengthen the muscles in the lower part of your body.

Keep a small box or a small stool beside you and get into the squat position. Now, jump sideways on the stool or small box and stand straight. Now, get into a squat position and jump back to your original position. Repeat the same exercise with a box on your other side and do as many reps as you can.

9. Frog Jumps

This is a tough exercise that can quickly escalate your body and warm it up like a hot engine. The best part? It is helpful to burn fat effectively from your body.

Make sure you are in a frog position with your foot flat and hands inside. Now, make a jump in the forward direction with the body moving upwards and falling back into the frog position when you land. Repeat the same with jumping backward, and do as many reps as you can. If you have a back problem, do not try this before concerning a physical trainer or a doctor.

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10. Quick-Step Ups

This exercise is effective in fat burning, and this exercise requires you to have good stamina; because you need to do it as fast as you can. The faster you do it, the more calories you burn from your body.

It mainly burns the fat on your butt and also helps you burn fat from your belly and build abs.

Keep a box in front of you; make sure it is stiff and strong. Now, step your right leg on the box and stand on it. Step back your right leg and get back to your position. Do the same with the left leg. Now, do the reps 20-30 times.

[Final Words] Best and Easy Fat Burning Exercises at Home

These were 10 of the Best Fat Burning Exercises that are simple, easy, and can be done at home. You can start with as many reps as you can but make sure not to lose the form. Slowly increase the pace and reps to get better results and get fit. Here, fit signifies improving the core and muscle strength of your body. If you are having any physical problems, concern your doctor or trainer before doing these exercises.

If there are any suggestions, do let us know in the comment box below.

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