Gym outfit ideas for men

6 Gym Outfit Ideas for Men – Give Those Pecs and Biceps a Bold Look

While flexing all your workout muscles and abs, the only thing that could go wrong is a tight or messed outfit. Especially when it comes to styling gym looks for men. While there is so much that could go wrong with gym outfit ideas for men, you can always get your basics right. In this article, we look at some of the best and basic gym outfit ideas for men and how you can ace your look while flexing all those muscles. 

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6 Gym Outfit Ideas for Men – Give Those Pecs and Biceps a Bold Look

While the most basic look for men in the gym is sweatpants with sweatshirts or shorts with tank tops, you can always gear up your clothing or give a noticeable look. More importantly, your outfit for the gym should be something you are comfortable with while having a fashionable look.

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1. For the Joggers and Athletics – Shorts and Tees

The most simple and prominent styling for all those athletics and joggers is to get yourself a pair of shorts and tees. This is only for summer specific; you wouldn’t want to experiment with this on chilly winter mornings with your legs and arms open. 

Gyming clothes
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The idea is to have black shorts or shorts with darker colors that match your lighter or pastel color of tees. You would want to have fabric that dries up quickly, or you will be left with sweat patches on your outfit. 

To style this short and tee pair for an athletic workout, you can attach a small fanny that carries your towel, small supper, or other accessories. You can even have a phone band on your arm to hold your smartphone that helps you keep a tab on your favorite playlist.

2. Match them like a Gym Uniform

The most comfortable answer to the question, “What should I wear today to the Gym?” is coordinating the look. You might have noticed all the celebrities on the run coordinating their sweatpants and hoodies while burning the calories on the run in the fresh air. 

Gymming clothes for men
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The ideal fit here is to wear something in a darker color that can hide sweat patches, if any. One of the strongest tips here is to avoid pastel colors, or all your outfit will only show large patches of water that your body releases.

While most people accidentally get into tight fits for this, it is best to have a loose fit that helps you be comfortable while you jog or lift weights. 

To style this outfit for the gym, you can use a headphone, wear sporty white trainers or sneaks (low dunks or mids will do), and have a fitness band to keep a tab on your fitness streaks.

3. Highlander Jogger Pants with Tanks – A Go Outfit for Men in Gym

Highlander jogger pants with tanks can never go wrong and are one of the best gym outfit ideas for men. Tank tops for men are not something new and not limited to women, and it has been an ideal outfit for gym men for a long time.

gym dress for men

While tank tops are available in various colors, you might want to skip out on something too bright such as a poppy red. In the meantime, the highlander joggers are perfect as they are comfortable enough to give you space while you do all the exercise and weightlifting in the gym. 

You can add a training jacket to your tank top while exiting the gym and leave a hard trainee gyming look for others. Also, this is a perfect addition in the winters.

To style this pair, you can always wear wrist brands, a belt hook fanny or duffle bag, and wireless earphones to keep you grooving with the music. White sneaks or trainers are a perfect combination with these to match your outfit.

4. Sweatshirts with Shorts – Hit the Weights While Your Look Hit Others

Sweatshirts are a great way to let people underestimate your physique while all you want is to keep it to yourself. Pair them with shorts, and you are ready for a jog, weight lifting, running those cardio machines, or even doing some park exercises.

Gymming clothes for men
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Sweatshirts are also a go-to in the winters; while there is something more about them, they go well with most gym outfits for men. So, if you plan to wear them outside the gym with casual wear, they just blend in. 

Sweatshirts from different pallets, such as darker or pastel, work just fine, which makes sweatshirts an overall perfect fit for gymming clothes. 

5. Tank Tops with Training Tights

If you want to flex your muscles from top to bottom, there is no good way other than the tank tops with training tights. Training tights are fit enough to show your work on thighs and legs, while tank tops already show your big muscles. If you want to show your abs, all you need to do is pick the tank top, and there are the biscuits. 

Tank tops with training tights for gym
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While tank tops with training tights are perfect for giving a gym look for men, most people often mess out with the color combination, and it is mostly with the tank tops. Most people end up with brighter colors which is a little picking on the eyes and might not suit every individual. However, white tank tops are also not a good choice as they get easily dirty, and it is a lot of laundry work to do for the everyday gym. 

To suit your needs, you can go with a plain black tank top for men, which is perfect for all, while pastel colors such as olive, blue, and yellowish will also work. 

To complete the set, you can wear trainer shoes in white and get a headphone to keep you grooving while exercising.

6. Hoodies to the Save

Small and casual tasks are not something great while you are pumping those muscles, and if you need to ignore social interactions, these are the perfect gymming clothes.

Gym Clothes for Men
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Wearing a hoodie can save you from all the social talks and interactions while also helping you keep yourself private. You can add a cap inside your hoodie and mask yourself to keep yourself more mysterious.

You can wear training tights, highlander joggers, and even wavy sweatpants to pair with your hoodie. Now, either you can go like the uniform style and match the colors of the top and bottom or even go with a darker and lighter combination to give a notice hook.

Basic Tips to Note While Styling Your Gym Looks

  • Sneakers or training shoes are one of the most important elements of your look. Pick the ones that are comfortable and made to match your gymming clothes. If you cannot find a picky one to match your gym outfit needs, you can always go with one in white.
  • Color combinations are not that hard to read; the perfect and safe thing to do is avoid popping colors and stick to subtle combinations.
  • Fanny bags for perfect for running but not for gymming; for gyms, you can carry duffle bags with all your other accessories and belongings.
  • Accessorize your earpieces correctly. If you are on a run or jog, you can go with the bulkier headphones as you keep your head straight in such situations while there are lesser chances to slip them off. However, for regular gymming such as weight lifting and exercise, it is best to stick to earbuds such as Beats Powerbeats Pro.
  • Know your fits but don’t wear the same every day. The last thing less good thing you can do is to have only one pair of gymming clothes. Have a couple of spare pairs, and it is good to try new styles or outfit ideas for the gym. 
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Conclusion: Gym Outfit Ideas for Men – Flexing the Basics

You can add more to these outfits and accessorize them to give yourself a great outfit idea for gymming. Try meddling with different color types, such as pastels and darker colors, while it is always good to avoid bright popping colors, in our personal opinion. 

We hope to have helped you with some of the best gym outfit ideas for men, and these are perfect for the basics. Let us know your ideas in the comment section below, and do share this article with your gym buddies to help them style better. 

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