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  • Realme Smart Cam 360

    Realme Smart Cam 360


    Realme Smart Cam 360 is a new name in the smart camera industry, but so far, it has been one of the innovative and budget-friendly options for users. This smart cam features dozens of features which make it one of the top choices and meanwhile also make things easier for you as a user.

    The product features monitoring in 1080p high-definition recording and comes along with in-built AI detection. This feature is capable of detecting voice, human movements, and motion. So, you are getting real-time updates about things that are happening in your private space, so you can take quick action.

    There are also other helpful features, such as night-vision infrared recording; with this feature, your smart cam can actually record clear video in night vision which is pretty cool to be available at this range.

    Here is a quick overview of all the features the Realme Smart Cam 360 has to offer,

    • 1080p high-definition 360-degree recording
    • 14 days of backup with 128GB of storage (upgradable)
    • AI motion and voice detection with real-time updates
    • Two fitting options; upright on a desk or screw it on a ceiling or wall
    • Record in color during low light conditions
    • H.265 encoding consumes only half of bandwidth and storage in comparison to other cameras at this range
    • The intelligent selection feature marks the timeframe on recordings for easy download and retrieval
    • Connect your smart cam with other AIOT products for smart home connections
    • Share video recordings with family or others with the Realme Link app
    • Multiple privacy protection

    Price subject to change* Check pricing on the product link before completing your purchase.