This is What Harshad Mehta Family is Doing Today

harshad mehta scam 1992 family photo

Wondering what the Harshad Mehta Family is doing today? After the first controversial billion-dollar scam in India, you must be wondering what the Harshad Mehta family is doing today. Sony Liv’s popular Scam 1992 is one of our favourite web series, and we are sure it is your favourite too.

Harshad Mehta passed away in 2001 in police custody. The court wrapped the Harshad Mehta case in 2019, and the Harshad Mehta family had been fighting the case for 27 years. His strong-hearted lady luck “Jyoti Mehta” and a true brother “Ashwin Mehta” took responsibilities on their shoulders after Harshad Mehta passed away.

Income tax scrapped the case of Rs. 2,014 Crore in tax demand on Harshad Mehta in 2019; In the same year, Jyoti Mehta (Wife of Harshad Mehta) won a case against Kishore Janani and Federal Bank. They now apparently own 6 crores with 18% interest to Jyoti Mehta, which they had borrowed from Harshad Mehta.

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Ashwin Mehta & Jyoti Mehta Taking it on Shoulders for Harshad Mehta [True Family] – Scam 1992

After Harshad Mehta passed away in 2001, the case was abated, but Ashwin Mehta was still fighting legal battles. In his later 50’s he studied law and fought the cases until 2018 when he was declared innocent. This case was related to the State Bank of India.

During these years, Ashwin Mehta paid nearly Rs.1700 Crores to banks and creditors to clear his brother’s name. Harshad Mehta was fortunate to have such a brother and wife.

Unseen Pictures of Harshad Mehta Family

About Scam 1992

The 1992 scam, the first-ever billion-dollar scam committed in India. Harshad Mehta apparently figured out a loophole in the banking sector and used it for making money and profit. The story is based on the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Big Bull and uncharted hero’s real-life events. Have you watched the series yet? Do you think the ending and harshness were justified? Let us know in the comment section.

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